University of Northampton



To review the performance of the Commercial Services catering operation that was part of UNEL, a social enterprise company recently formed to manage all the University’s FM services. 

Over the past two years, the focus of the service had been to deliver excellent value for money, with locally sourced products that has been well received by the students; however the service was operating at a deficit. The objective was to develop a strategy that will maintain and improve the quality of offer to the students, staff and visitors; and reduce the current deficit over a planned period to nil.



The brief evolved from recommending a strategy to supporting and mentoring the new catering management team over a longer period.

Key projects included

Moving from coffee concessions to developing an in-house solution, appointing the design team and managing the design process
Implemented a new organisation structure, with new job descriptions and pay structure



The results include a considerably improved financial position, a new catering branding and two new in-house café operations that are exceeding budget.


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