Cafes and Restaurants bring creativity and diversity to the Bloomberg Arcade

6 Feb 2018 By Ian Doughty

Opening late last year and home to a number of  cafes and restaurants, a new foodie vibe has taken hold. 

Caravan and Vineteco were first of the blocks, the tamarind and date muffins in Carvan are not to be missed. Bleecker Bloomberg does exactly what it says on the tin - great burgers and Koya makes it's udon noodles on site and has already built a faithful following.

Next up and opening shortly is A Wong, a sister to the Michelin star awarded to the venue in Victoria, then comes Nordic scheduled to open in April, which may well become the default breakfast stop.

It's good to see that diversity and creativity is alive and kicking and giving the bigger boys, a run for their money!


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