CUBO Summer Conference

3 Jul 2017 By Charles Manners

We attended the CUBO Summer Conference last week at the University of Kent. A very well organised conference, and we sponsored the bar on the first evening, which proved to be popular! we partnered with Catherine Anderson from Anderson Power Consulting. We have worked with Catherine on a number of projects, and her skills are in the FM area, very complimentary to us!

Apart from seeing friends and colleagues, I listened to two excellent presentations:

  • Michale Lees  from Nottingham Trent University as Head of Campus Services and holds a broad operational portfolio, from Student Accommodation to Security, Catering to Conferences. Michael spoke about the difference between mentoring and coaching, and its application in the work place.
  • John Iveson from King’s College London, where he runs the Commercial Services in-house team and where he has developed a customer service programme Fit For King’s, where the 700 strong team are continuously coached on delivery World Class Services for a world class university.

Overall time well spent!


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