Daniel Clifford at The Flitch of Bacon

7 Jan 2016 By Ian Doughty

The Flitch of Bacon pub in Little Dunmow, Essex  has had  a new lease of life breathed into it by Daniel Clifford and the team from Midsummer House. Closed for a number of years and virtually derelict when Daniel took the place over. It has been completly refurbished and is now a great dining venue in what is a pretty barren culinary landscape in north/mid Essex, save for the odd decent pub. In no way a clone of Midsummer House, the venue has a more casual vibe, the quality of the food and service from the young team both front and back of house have the hallmarks of Daniels attention to detail.

I visited just after the official opening and had a great evening, prices are  higher than the local competition, but  for this quality of food and service they are spot on. The Stonebass with parsley root and mussel stew was fantastic, sadly it was my wifes choice, rather than mine!   The chefs table next to the open pass, is sure to be a popular table, as will be the table overlooking the garden. The venue also boasts some rooms, if the wine list looks too inviting! and the bar welcomes locals and their dogs and champions local artisan brews.

It's well worth a visit for this quality of food and service at sensible prices and as it's up the road from me, it's now on my favourites list.



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