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30 Jan 2017 By Ian Doughty

We began at the Secret Frog situated in a running equipment shop, in Houndsditch, (where next will  a coffe shop spring up?) a great place to sneak away for a coffee.  Next stop was new kids on the block Walter and Monty, close by the Gherkin for Middle Eastern street food with a drop in coffee bar and  great live cooking.

Onto the west end, it was interesting that two of the latest arrivals, Nordic Bakery, in Golden Square and Ole and Steen on Haymarket are from Scandinavia; bakery cafes are a trend we've seen recently, with Ole & Steen selling wine, which cafes are increasingly offering. A new twist on coffee brewers can be seen at Coffee Island in St Martins Lane. Greek style coffee made in a briki, a small copper pot set in hot sand. Coffee Island has an interesting coffee library upstairs to browse through. We also visited Rose Bakery in Dover St Market which is still a favourite.

Finally a trip over  to Baker Street to Maison Kayser for truly amazing pastries.

We are pleased to report that the cafe scene is as vibrant and fast changing as ever


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