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15 Nov 2017 By Charles Manners

Ian and I attended the EP Hospitality Insights Conference yesterday in London. Over 200 people attended the full day event held at Nomura International in London.

Ian was one of the  26 speakers who took to the stage for keynote’s, open discussions and short statements providing their thoughts on mergers and acquisitions to an open debate on the commercial model and whether it’s actually broken.

The key themes I took away were:

  • Mergers & acquisitions are set to continue, and this am Sodexo announced they had bought Centerplate
  • Food waste is an issue which is becoming increasingly important
  • Partnerships for the right business rather than concession models can work better
  • Delivery is going to play a huge part in foodservice, the impact on B&I could be significant
  • Companies like https://detoxkitchen.co.uk/ are ones to watch, great presentation from founder Lili Sampson who focuses on healthy food and use of technology



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