Foodservice Growth Report

1 Dec 2016 By Charles Manners

We recently attended the EP Hospitality launch of the annual Alix Partners Foodservice report. The main report is attached (with interesting smaller contract catering company summaries) and the key themes are in the headline above, but a number of other points also emerged:

  • Health, food and sport are converging
  • Social hubs
  • Bespoke rather than brand
  • Experience versus service

There are an increasing number of self-employed workers, moving from 35% to 59" of the working population by 2020 which will change the office dynamics. The lack of Brexit clarity will cause us uncertainty however the Foodservice Sector remains attractive.

The market is always evolving, the rise of street food, and with increasing digitisation the way to thrive is to adapt and change!


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Charles Manners


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