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8 May 2015 By Ian Doughty

Ian is now the East Anglian correspondent for the Great Food Magazine, the monthly magazine of the Great Food Club . The club and magazine celebrate great producers, suppliers and restaurants in the East Midlands and East Anglia. Ian contributes an article each month championing local food and drink, in the East Anglian region. Recent articles have included, a great country pub whose menus feature "Huffers", an Essex speciality and a fantastic butcher, near Chelmsford rearing and selling thier own beef. 

Both regions have great producers and suppliers, think Melton Mowbary pies and Stilton cheese from the East Midlands, Colchester Oysters and great beer from Adnams in Suffolk.

The next article, on a great seafood cafe in Essex will be in the May addition of the magazine.

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