Hipchips - comes to Soho

23 Nov 2016 By Ian Doughty

Choose your potato, from five heritage varieties, all grown in the North of England, watch them being fried before you, select a batch of dips (bizarrely from a conveyor belt) from baba ghanoush,to pickled onion fondue, a beer from a selection of artisanal craft brews and even a dessert option - cinnamon sugar doughnut style.

What next in Londons journey to transforming  a staple into something much more exotic, we've had Bubble Dogs, Cereal Killers and now Hipchips -  answers on a postcard please!

A small box of crisps with two dips will cost £4.50, a medium box with three dips £6.75 and a large box with six dips £11.50; and can be found at  49 Old Compton Street,  is open midday to 11pm from Monday to Thursday, to midnight on Friday and Saturday and to 10pm on Sundays.


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