#Hotelympia; Mecca for UK Foodservices Industry Presents ...

7 Mar 2018 By Tracey Fairclough
#Hotelympia is the Mecca for the Foodservices Industry this week. Here are Tracey Fairclough's Top 10 Food Heroes: 1. Lauden Chocolates | 2. Uranka Juice and Smoothie Bar | 3. Rhodes Bakery | 4. Rebellion Corners Bean Crisps | 5. Apprenticeship Chef Academy |  6. It’s A Wrap; Custom Print Food Wraps | 7. Sprouted Off Amaranth Crackers | 8. Welsh Slate Cavern Aged Cheddar | 9. Blue Stone Brewing | 10. Pack n Wood Sustainable Ranges. Additional inspiration coming from: A) Staff Canteen Live featuring John Williams | B) Le Cordon Bleu SKILLS THEATRE | C) Live Theatre. Most outstanding... the home-grown pastry talent on show, so good that I created a separate picture post. Fine pastry art & magical wizardry in the #ApprenticeshipChefAcademy. #foodstagram #foodiegram #tastytraveltour CLICK on the below to take a closer look!


Ian Doughty


Tracey Fairclough


Charles Manners


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