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14 Apr 2016 By Ian Doughty

Ian has been drawing on his sport and leisure experience to assist The Eastlands Trust in Manchester and Newport Live in South Wales.

Ian worked with The Eastlands Trust, home to the National Cycling Centre and the National Squash Centre to assess thier current catering offers both for users and visitors and for meetings, events and for outdoor activities. Our recommendations included a sales and marketting strategy to attract events bookers to consider using, what is a unique venue. A client asked to  hold a lunch event in the centre of the Velodrome; whilst lunching guests were treated to watching Team Sky training on the track.

Most recently Ian has been working with Newport Live who operate the sport, lesiure and arts services via a partnership with Newport City Council. Three locations have cafes, two leisure centres and The Riverfront Theatre. Ian has carried out an indepth appraisal of the current catering services and put forward suggestions and recommendations for each, including refurbishment plans,to refresh the  facilities.


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