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10 Jul 2017 By Charles Manners

Spent a fascinating day with a client last week looking at the best in class catering in conference spaces, co-working environments and cafes for a project in an old bank building. We used our knowledge of Shoreditch and the City to good use!  Within the party were the project managers, architects and the client.

  • We met at the Welcome Collection café on Euston Road (opposite Euston Station)  and to see HUB (upstairs Hub space tbc)
  • NED  - Bank recently opened by Soho House, 8 restaurants on ground floor, agreat reference point
  • Royal Exchange – Grand Café (EC3V) – Fantastic arena for catering
  • Wallace Space  15 Artillery Lane
  • ETC Venues
  • ACE Hotel Shoreditch interesting work spaces
  • Hoxton Hotel – Multiple outlets. Meeting place for people. also have café / coffee shop inside and next door;
  • Second Home  68 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL
  • SOHO WORKS Shoreditch UNIT 4.07 (4th floor) The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street
As they also have a hotel, they were intersted in seeing the new Premier Inn Hub bedroom in Kings Cross, 11sqm and 14 sqm, with nearly 400 rooms and already in week two at 86% occupancy!


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