Middle East benchmark of Dubai’s Vibrant Street Food Scene | January 2018

30 Jan 2018 By Tracey Fairclough

Ian and I took to Dubai’s Global Village one balmy January evening this month (whilst the UK was cast in the bleak cold of Winter) with yet another clear objective; to find out what the Emirati seek out as local STREET FOOD. Boy were we in for a tantalising treat? We were astounded by heady allure of a rainbow of spices, amidst the rowdy cacophony of mother-tongues, and found so many things unbeknown to us tantalisingly tasty: Hot Chips on a stick, Turkish Ice Cream, Egyptian Pastries, Yemeni Coffee, Middle Eastern crème brulèe (made from cheese) and too many other food innovations to mention. What a tantalising feast for all our senses! Click on the link at the bottom to see a snapshot of what we saw!


Ian Doughty


Tracey Fairclough


Charles Manners


Chris Brown







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