Market Testing & Outsourcing

Our experience is is based on our commercial experience and our ability to understand the busness and the client requirements. Our knowledge enables us to recommend either an in-house or contracting strategy and this puts us in an un-paralleled position to advise you. We have advised on catering tenders in many sectors, from unusual venues to universities, healthcare and offices. We know which contract caterers (established and new entrants) who are appropriate for each sector, and understand their strengths and weaknesses and cultural fit for clients. We are adept at managing the diologue during the contract process, and folowing contract award supporting clients to optimise the performance of the caterer for the business.

Market Testing & Outsourcing

Key Aspects

  • Outsourcing strategy & methodology

  • Shortlisting relevant catering companies

  • Competitive tendering & dialogue

  • Contract management, monitoring & renegotiation