Operational Reviews

  • An operational review is an in-depth look at catering operating procedures, labour ratios, profitability and other factors. 
  • Through combined knowledge & expertise, we deliver robust performance audits, reviews, efficiencies, financials & benchmark reports. 
  • We may ask probing and searching questions as, for us, it’s about delivery against your expectations. 
  • We target ourselves to produce relevant, reliable, timely and robust assessments designed to be understood and implemented. 
  • We pride ourselves on providing effective peer review which means our reports, research and documents is scrutinised by other Turpin Smale directors, also experts in the same field, before work is handed over to clients for consideration. 

Key Aspects


  • Quality Performance Audits
  • Business Process Reviews
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Financial Performance
  • Benchmarking


  • Robust Improvement Plans
  • Delivery Against Expectations
  • Relevant, Reliable, Timely Assessment