The Turpin Smale Team

The Turpin Smale Directors all have senior hospitalty managment experience, as for catering & conferencing challenges there is no substitute for practical commercial experience that will deliver both creative and practical solutions.

Our directors carry out the work; they are the point of contact for our clients and see the project through from initial discussions to commencement of the new services.

The four Directors and associates have unrivalled industry experience and contacts as catering & conference consultants.

Charles Manners


A catering and conference consultant since 2000, Charles has worked with a wide range of organisations including racecourses, historic buildings, developers, conference centres and universities in developing both their catering and conference plans both in the UK and Middle East.

Ian Doughty


Ian is a catering and food service professional with over 30 years in the industry in senior operational and business development roles.He has extensive,specialist knowledge of food services for clients in business and industry,sports arenas,stadiums and conference venues.

Chris Brown


A catering consultant since 2001 with a specialist knowledge of cafe operations. Experienced in managing bar and restaurant operations, new openings, quality performance measurement and improving profit, in both small and large companies.

Tracey Fairclough


Tracey entered the foodservices sector in 2009; first working for contract catering giant, before moving on to the boutique catering copmany, working in and around London. She has extensive contract catering experience to bring valuable insights to her role as a catering consultant.

Peter Smale

Associate Director

A catering consultant since 1988, Peter has retired as a full time director, and is now advising the team on an ongoing basis

Additional Specialist Consultants

Elisabeth Barton - Grew


A consultant since 1999 with specialist knowledge of conference, events, sales and marketing.

Roz Burgess


Specialist commercial kitchen designer

Catherine Anderson

Expert in soft FM